About Legit ™

Legit is a License Verification Service for license holders to view and share the license details for any audio or video that has been tagged using LicenseID(patent pending).

Using the LicenseID API, a license vendor records details (i.e. license terms, licensee name, etc.) every time they sell a license. When they do this, LicenseID inserts an inaudible "tag" into the track which contains this license information. A page is also generated on the Legit website which displays the license details.

The URL to this page is included in both the license PDF and in the body of the email when this PDF is sent to the licensee. Should there ever be any question about the existence of a license for music on a video, the licensee can just forward this URL to the inquiring party (usually a video-hosting platform) to prove that proper rights to the track were obtained.