Music License Verification

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You do things Legitimately.
Now you can prove it.

Audiosocket has developed a groundbreaking technology called LicenseID™.

Whenever you license a track from a Licensor using the LicenseID service, an inaudible tag containing your license information is embedded into the audio file.

That license information will always be there, even if the track is edited.

Legit™ is a service that gives you quick access to these license details. Video hosting platforms like YouTube™ are increasingly requiring that proof of licensing is provided via a URL.

If you ever receive a takedown notice because your video host questions your license rights, you'll be able to quickly resolve the issue by simply providing them with the Legit URL that stores details of your license.

How it works

Step 1: Purchase Your Music License

Whenever you purchase a license from a participating licensor, they will record details of the license you purchase, such as date, type of license, licensee (your) name, etc.

Step 2: Receive Your Legit URL

When your licensor does this, they will be given a secure Legit URL to send to you so you can access your license details.

Step 3: Video Hosting Platform Decodes Your Tag

Participating video hosting platforms will automatically detect the LID tag added to your track and use it to verify your license details.

If you are posting to a non-participating platform, you can just provide them with your Legit License Verification URL so they can look it up manually.

Step 4: Use To Defend License Rights

Should your video-hosting platform issues a take-down notice for one of your videos because there is a question about the validity of your rights to use a track, you can use Legit to prove that you have indeed legally licensed that particular song to be used in your video.

What people say

With LicenseID, publishers on our network will have the opportunity to monitor individual files and licenses, and be flagged when a piece of music is not in compliance. compliance.

As champions of copyright protection, this fits nicely into our model of being a one-stop destination for music publishers, by creating efficiencies and monetization opportunities after a file has been initially downloaded and/or licensed.

Andrew harding

Andrew Harding

Co-Founder, Pres. Biz Dev


The explosive growth of monetized and user-generated content on video sharing platforms has sparked a growing number of digital licensing issues and lawsuits. Until today, the music industry has not delivered advanced technologies to meet these copyright demands.

LicenseID is the perfect solution to meet exactly these demands! It acts as a digital proof of purchase protecting the interests of all parties involved.

Jenn miller

Jenn Miller

Co-Founder & COO


With the recent suit by the National Music Publisher Association of Fullscreen over illegal use of copyrighted music in creators’ cover videos, we've seen there are creators making a business out of cover songs on YouTube.

With LicenseID, it’s easy to see how an MCN (multi-channel network) can properly license and verify a track, without the fear of drawing the ire of rights-holders.

Sahil patel

Sahil Patel

Editorial Director